Oh to live on Sugar Mountain ... You can be twenty on Sugar Montain ...


If you want some news about Neil, go the HyperRust webpage. You will find here all about Neil : discography, tablatures, lyrics...

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This Neil's picture, with a new look, has been done to the concert for Farm Aid who Neil usualy go each year. You can see and hear by dowload " Down by the River". This song is during here 20 minutes and its phenomenal ! Look at :


If you want to hear "Expecting to Fly" go here , but first, you have to download a player abble to read MP 3 format.                                  a    player to download

If you want to hear "Ambulance Blues" go here too.  Be carreful, you must wait a long time to save the song on your computer.                                         

And if you want to hear others Neil's songs, go to :

Live Music is better                          MP3 page !


The Yotha Dreaming Woman

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                          "When will i see you again..."     

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