I will show you now my tchechs friends.

I meet Mirka for the first time in 1996. She was born in 1972. She his a nurse and she is working in a hospital with people who needs "dialise". She lives in Brno. It's a very kind lady and each time i see her, its always funny !

Mirka was in Lyon in 1997.

I was in Praha in 1996 and 1998....

"So long we will see us, Mirka, with Hervé, ours joking friend, life will be happy. Its just like a dream. Or just like a moon story..." Christine.


Here is Mirka with her smile and her pivo bottle : Don't forget than in Praha or Brno, you will often drink beer (and good one !)...

   MIRKA.bmp (146374 octets)                       SHARKA.bmp (464778 octets)

           Here is Mirka. And then friends of her : Antonia, Sharka and Heather.


PAVLA.bmp (423750 octets)                              HRV.bmp (206738 octets)

Here is Mirka and Pavla, in Brno in ....... a pub . What hare they doing ? Drinking beer and doint "lolitas girls". Next its Hervé. He his not Tchech but French. It's a joker ! Mirka, Hervé and me we are friends for a long times ...........

But by carrefull, this man can be dangerous : may be sometimes he makes you laugh too much !!!!! Look at his smile ! A diabolic one is not it ?

But know comes with us and visit a Tchech Pub, in BRNO, the "TRAUBKA"... Don't be afraid ! They are doors who doesnt open on something...


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