So i show you, know, some postcarts from Prague.

I choose it on purpose. When you go in this place, first, you will go in a pub, to drink something typical. The first word you have to learn is "pivo" ! There are many beers in Tchech Republic. Dont go in a touristic place. Prefer littles pubs, with a big fog inside, with a ordinary front door, with ordinary people inside ... You will say to you : "Oh look, it's not a good place" but push the ordinary door and come in. And try to see something !

You will see Tchech persons, simply speeking : then seat down and wait for the barman. Doesn't matter if you dont speak Tchech langage ! Just say "pivo" and then you will receive a big glass with something amber inside... Just have a little drink... and wait. Drink again. Just to be quiet after a long travel. And then look around you. Someone certainly will look at you and try to speak with you...Lets the "Magic Touch" go on...

May be you dont realize it, but a music is done in this pub. Dont be warry : its always good one ! Prague is a music town. Don't forget than Mosart and Don Giovanni are still in this town. You prefer pop music ? Rockn'roll ! ok ! Just a moment ! The music you heared ? May be "Hey Joe" or another so good one...

May be now you feel good and have a real pleasure to speek with people all next you ? I'm sure they will  finish to speak about books... Litterature ? Don't forget Kafka' mind is eveywhere you go... Do you read one day Milan Kundera ? Not to late to do it. He is born in Brno in Tchech Republic. Do you read one day Ladislav Klima and his stranges stories ? Do you read Jiri Weil ? His most important book is a beautiful and terrific one, about, the last war, when Praha was on nazi's domination. Terrific. Strong. But it's human being.

So look at this 3 postcarts ! "pivo", music, litterature..


PIVO.bmp (729990 octets) musicpraha.JPG (39767 octets) letrPr.jpg (595182 octets)


NEIL YOUNG                ATELIER D'ECRITURE          YOTHA             PRAGUE


Do you like this poscarts ? Tell it to me... and send me some you like. Just tell me where its comes from...


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